Thursday, 25 August 2011

African Dream windows

Front Door with Acacia Tree, Aloe and hoopoe's
Phew! At last the windows have been installed in Pretoria.  I have been looking forward to this moment for quite a while now as we cut, ground and finished each piece of glass.  These are the windows that I was designing along with the owners in July and was excited about.  They are different and very difficult to photograph properly, especially the long staircase window as it is very tall and the sun streaming through plays havoc with the colours, but then again, that is what the magic of stained glass is all about. The colours change all the time as the sun moves through the sky and that is what captivates me and why I love it so much!  These are not the best of photos and the owners have promised to send me some which I am sure will be much better!
Botton half of staircase window
Entire staircase window
Top half of staircase window
Close-up of the highveld sunbird panel.


  1. Really beautiful and impressive glass work!

  2. I have done a little stained glass work myself - small things. And some fusing. I just wanted to tell you how much I love this window panel. The first time I saw a panel like this was in 1973 at the Los Angeles Renaissance Faire. They had a panel about that wide, but with no large bars, almost all clear glass - almost entirely clear, but for one green, winding stalk - a lilly - suspended in that transparent field. It was beautiful - and I think it was what gave me my hunger for glass -

  3. Thank you so much Melissa and K. Unfortunately the burglar bars detract a bit from the windows but eventually one manages not to notice them and the eye just seems to see through them. My love of stained glass came mostly from my mother who loved her handcut crystal and always had an appreciation for beautiful glass work. My sister attended a stained glass course and when I saw the lamp she had made, well that was me "hooked" and I just had to learn all about it! From there we encouraged my husband to join me and we just naturally progressed to fused glass and mosaicing as well. Needless to say, Wally (hubby)is more into the stained glass side and I play around with the kiln work but we work together always so each item that we make has a little bit of both of us in it. We love it!