Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kitchen photos

Whoo-hoo....... so chuffed! I have just received the photos from our customer with the kitchen cupboard doors and windows that we made. They had a kitchen makeover and the photos are on the stained glass windows page. We are busy with some exciting windows and door panels at the moment but will only be finished around the end of August. 
Bi now - gotta get to work....

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blog changes

I have been battling a bit with this blog to get it to be exactly the way I want it and I am still not there.  Having a slow internet connection at home doesn't help much either.  Anyway I have managed to add some pages and now maybe I can get it organised sometime. 
New on the blog at the moment are the mosaic inserts which I made this weekend and I have posted them under the fused glass section.  Also new are the windows which Wally has just installed in Toti as part of the kitchen makeover happening there.  We have also done the cupboard doors but they have not been mounted onto the cupboards yet so we could not take any photos.
Please bear with me as I try to get this blog into shape.  I still need to upload many many photos in all the different sections and will get "roundtoit" sometime.
Keep checking and you will see the progress :-)

Enjoy the week - I believe we are in for a cold snap again.


Monday, 18 July 2011

The Caboodle

At last I have some pictures of our little spot in Caboodle. We went down to Durban this weekend to take my grandson Tristan back to school after he spent some of his holiday with us and also to install some windows in Amanzimtoti.  This gave me a chance to get to Caboodle to see if everything was in order and I asked Tarryn to take some photos for me to post.  At the back of Earth Mother they have this delightful tea garden set in a very quaint setting and they serve vegetarian meals and also gluten-free products.  I had a really yummy breakfast there with my two girls while we put stickers onto packets and talked about all sort of stuff. The whole vibe at Earth Mother is lovely and I even bumped into customers that bought some of our glass at the House & Garden Show.  Altogether a lovely experience.

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Body Bar
I met Sara at the House & Garden Show as my neighbour and fell in love with her creativity with "Cake of Soap" which are not only divine to look at but feel soooooo good! What a lovely friendly neighbour - please do yourself a favour and have a look at her soaps which look good enough to eat especially her cupcakes which are bath bombs (fizzers) with cream and toppings. The smells are so divine and my absolute favourite is the apricot & buttermilk!